Progressive Active Meditation Program

AŠVA has created an intensive 9-week long, meditative program that is ancient in practice, scientific in nature, and ensures you emerge mentally tougher, emotionally stable, and physically stronger.

Harness the Power of Self

The Beginner Level

This level concentrates on the basic tenets of breathing and physical exercises that help establish and prepare your body, breath, and mind for the next two levels of much deeper and more powerful meditations.

The Intermediate Level

You will experience a greater intensity in your breathing and physical exercises at the second level. The intermediate level is yet another step closer to attaining complete wellness and excellence in mind, body, and emotions.

The Advanced Level

This is our program’s last and final leg. Exercises and techniques practiced at this level will be a culmination of the first two levels, leading to your breakthrough moment, both physically and psychologically.

Each level is divided into three weeks with thorough and extensive sessions that focus on body mobility, neuromuscular regeneration, retention, re-education of the mind, focus and sleep meditations

Program Modes

To help you integrate the best of ancient yogic practices into your daily life, you can sign up for our offline or online sessions as an individual athlete or as a team.

These are 30 mins sessions, 5 times a week, for 9 weeks.

One Week Free Trial.

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  • Mobility exercises
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Focused Meditation
  • Sleep Meditation

Online Courses

Only Instructional Videos

    •  Lifetime Access
    • $300 Per Module (If Bought Seperately)
    • $225 Per Module (If Bought Together, Saving $225)
    • Start Today for as low as $39 (18 months)

1 on 1 Sessions

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Group or Team Sessions

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