Frequently Asked Questions

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The Mind and Spirit of AŠVA

What Will The AŠVA Program Do For Me?
  • It will help You Reach Your Fullest Potential On and Off The Playing Field, Through Mind, Body, and Emotion Balance
How is AŠVA different from other mental health apps & mindfulness programs?
  • We are an active meditation program that helps align your mind, body, and emotions to achieve peak performance
  • We utilize scientific, individualized, time-tested protocols that utilize the mind and body to help neuromuscular rehabilitation, regeneration, and re-education within each athlete.
Will AŠVA Help Improve My Mental Health?
  • Our Scientific Study demonstrated that participants who use AŠVA saw a significant decrease in depression, anxiety, and insomnia symptoms. Additionally, participants also experienced a significant improvement in overall quality of life.
Will AŠVA Help Me Perform Better As An Athlete?
  • Our Scientific Study, showed that athletes who incorporated AŠVA in their daily regimens saw their mental toughness, confidence, body mobility, and injury prevention improve significantly.
What Are The Main Benefits For An Athlete?
  • Boost In-Game Awareness & Focus
  • Eliminate & Inhibit Mental Blocks Focus
  • Optimize Body Mechanics and Mobility
  • Cardiovascular Stamina & Lung Endurance
  • Injury Prevention
  • Improve Sleep & Recover
How Will AŠVA Improve My Sleep And Recovery?
  • Within this program, you should follow the sleep hygiene checklist provided to you, in order to prepare your mind and body to go into a deep state of sleep and recovery. Once you have followed the sleep hygiene checklist, perform the sleep meditation before going to bed.
Will AŠVA Fit Into My Training Regimen and Busy Schedule?
  • We Offer Personal, Hybrid, and Recorded Sessions To Help You Integrate the Best of Ancient Yogic Practices Into Your Daily Life
  • Programs can be used as a “Warm-Up” or “Cool-Down”
  • All You Need To Do Is Commit 30 mins daily
As a Coach Can I Use AŠVA With My Team?
  • Of Course! You Can Sign Up For Our Offline or Online Sessions As An Individual Athlete Or As A Team
Is The AŠVA Program Right For Me?
  • From Weekend Warriors to Elite Athletes, this program is structured to optimize performance and improve your behavioral health
  • Fit For All Ages
  • All You Need To Do Is Commit 30 mins daily to achieve optimal results
I Already Have Prior Experience in Yoga, Breathing, and Meditation Programs, Should I Still Do The Beginner Module?
  • Yes, the AŠVA Program should be done in successive order, regardless of your experience level, to reap the maximum benefits
How Long Is Each Module?
  • 3 Weeks
What is Behavioral Health and Why Is That Important To An Athlete?
  • Behavioral Health describes the connection between behaviors and the health and well-being of the body, mind, and spirit
  • If left untreated, behavioral health issues can lead to stress, anxiety, and a decrease in performance
What Are The Possible Effects During and After Performing The AŠVA Program?
  • This program is designed to push and challenge your mind, body, and emotions in order to achieve that state of peak performance. Light-headedness, tingliness, and body temperature change are mild symptoms of the program and are good signs you are releasing stress and negative toxins within your body!
How Should I Prepare Myself To Perform the AŠVA Program?
  • If you do decide to eat before the workouts, please eat light, preferably 1-hour before.
  • Comfortable Workout Clothes
  • Yoga Mat
  • Chair
  • Headphones
  • Timer
How Do I Access My Program Modules?
  • Every one of your workouts can be accessed through your phone, computer, or tablet wherever you are…whenever you want!
Is There Any Special Equipment Required?
  • Nope! Just A Positive Attitude and Yourself!